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Golf Practice Cages

Not everybody has the luxury of going to a golf course or getting out to a golf range to practice their long ball game. That is why Jaypro Sports Equipment & Gym Construction, the leading manufacturer of sporting goods and equipment in the nation, finds it necessary to provide their customers in the finest of solitary practice aids: golf practice cages complete with net systems. With this type of golf equipment handy, golfers everywhere can improve their scores on the green and maximize their efficiency during practice.

Golfers can get in quality practice time working on their drives without having to chase and retrieve the balls after every swing. The golf cage which encases a wide area around them provides a setting in which they can safely hit as many balls as they like into the golf cage net and work on different types of shots. There is even a small red square in the middle of the cage to provide a type of target or point of reference when taking your swings in the golf practice cage. The nets come climatized on the double cage structure and, for an additional fee, can be climatized for the singular cage systems, which adds a much needed quality to the netting structure. These golf cages prove to be one of the most effective pieces of golf equipment around and come in varying sizes to accommodate either one or two users at a time. There's the single net cage system and the double golf cage system, which differ in price depend on the size of the netting system one chooses.

The structure of the golf practice cage & net systems is constructed out of galvanized steel enforcing the cages ruggedness and durability with rust-resistant features, suitable for outdoor use and storage. Guy wires secured to hooks that anchor into the ground then stabilize the golf cage structure of the single golf cage. The double cage practice & net systems are stand-alone structures standing 10 ft high, 20 ft wide and 12 feet deep while the single cage practice & net systems stand 9 ft high, 9 feet wide and 12 feet deep.