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Trust a company with experience in product design and service. Jaypro’s knowledgeable staff can help you with your facility needs from start to finish. Engineers and service staff can assist you from choosing the right product to answering installation questions that may arise in the field. We offer a large selection of outdoor and indoor units and many accessories in between.


Whether you are setting up a recreational outdoor basketball court or official indoor court we have everything you need to get the ball rolling on competitive basketball games and practices. We specialize in designing an amazing variety of basketball backboard systems, rims and goals and backboard padding and adapters. From youth league permanent rims to collegiate level breakaway rims on glass backboards you’ll find everything you need to set up fun and competitive games of basketball for all skill levels.

We feature a wide selection or portable, permanent, semi-permanent and adjustable indoor and outdoor basketball backboard systems to fit your school’s budget and player skill level. Choose from great backboard materials including graphite, fiberglass, wood and aluminum in classic backboard shapes such as square, rectangle and fan-shaped.

Our backboard systems are specially designed for the utmost in player safety and can be easily accessorized with lower backboard edge padding as well as pole and base pads to keep players safe from hard surfaces.

In addition to high quality backboards and goals we also supply a full range of basketball court accessories to properly mark foul lines, coach boxes and three-point lines as well as court maintenance products to keep floors looking shiny and brand new.

For tight gyms check out our great selection of tumble mats and wall pads to keep fans and players safe from hard surfaces. We also manufacture high quality court covers that can be used during non-athletic events to preserve the floor underneath.

Add to the theme of your team’s basketball court with our custom designed venue banners, mast banners, chair top covers and scoreboards that can be made with your school’s team colors and mascot or logo.